On the outside our Madeleine is a cute, baby-faced dance floor doll.. But we
challenge you to get to know her and you’ll realize she is actually a raving,
hardcore hunnie that can tear a dance floor to shreds.
From deep in the basements of notorious clubs across Melbourne - Madeleine
has destroyed and pillaged dance floors and hearts alike. Her presence on
stage is second to none, and Mads has wowed thousands with her mixing ability
and unique track choice. She spins on par with the best, showcasing an
impressive range of music from unique, hard hitting minimal to intense, rocking
Having played in and maintained residencies at loads of Melbourne’s pinnacle
venues including WAH WAH, TRAMP JUNGLE, LEVELS, TFU & KOROVA - it’s no
wonder that this girl is set to be the next big thing out of Oz.
Times ahead call confidently for the charismatic Madeleine, with her production
quality increasing as days go by and the demand for her sets shooting through
the roof - Madeleine is taking on the world and bringing her style to hearts and
minds around the globe.

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