Few DJs have hit the scene as hard or fast as Highup has. Highup’s bass house weapons have smashed stats that many artists strive for their whole career.

You could say his style has the feels of Malaa x Crookers. His influences through his production journey have been AC Slater, Jauz, Valentino Khan, Drezo etc. His DJ sets are full of his own work, including ORIGINALS “KILL THE GAME” and “SEEING RED”, as well as his own remixes and edits that catch even most seasoned clubber off guard.

In a short space of time putting his music out in to the world, it has fast gained traction. His Cardi B and G Easy hit ‘No Limit’ rocketed high up to No. 1 on Hypedit (pun intended). The highupbass Soundcloud account has more than half a million streams and counting and his style has earned him solid support from Phelgmatic Dogs, DJSFROMMARS, bombs away, KOMES, uberjakd, chardy, & press playto name a few.

As an artist, international mediums have wasted no time getting familiar with the Highup bass. The Gold Coast’s premiere dance music FM station 105.7 Radio Metro has your boy on high rotation. Remix work is also featured on internationally renowned DJ remix website, DJCity.com. Highup is rinsing it online, with over 95,000 plays from the United States, 70,000 from United Kingdom & 40,000 Australia. And when people hear filth, they want to share it, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the Highup socials.

The Highup Bass Facebook page recently ticked over 4 million video views, plus more than 80,000 combined comments and post shares. From here, he’s looks to make the most of his headstart by collaborating with well known Australian and international talent.

With a remix on the debut album from ARIA nominated, multi-platinum artists, Bombs Away as well as several MORE originals being kept warm in the record labels incubator, everything’s coming up Highup. Don’t be surprised if you see his name in lights, real soon.

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